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Bratislava club ladder

On this page are published ladders of Bratislava club. The ladders are created according to all criteria I could think of. If someone misses any ladder, just say it, we will certainly make a deal.

The links always lead to year 2017. It is possible to select any period in chosen ladder. Recently, an option not to show players who played few tournaments was added.

If you have enabled cookies and you decide to be shown only players who played at least certain percentage of tournament, this option will be remembered after each change for as long as one year. A restriction to show certain number of tournaments will be remembered until you close your browser. A period chosen will not be remembered at all, but it is being considered.

All improvements technically realisable without using JavaScript are welcome. Current condition is the best compromise I could make not to limit the users who disable certain technologies due to safety.

Available ladders


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